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District 17 Science Day at Wilmington College

District Science Days are held on college and university campuses and are administered by the University Councilperson, School Councilperson, and the District Council. Currently 16 colleges and universities host District Science Days.

 District Science Days accept superior-rated students from Local Science Days.

 This year's District 17 Science Day will be held Saturday, March 15, 2014 in Wilmington, Ohio on the Wilmington College campus.


Who can participate?

Students within Ohio District 17 in grades 5 through 12 are expected to participate in their local school’s science fair or academic fair. Those who receive a superior rating at their local science or academic fair are eligible to participate in the Southwest Ohio Science Day event.

Students who are legal full time residents of one of the District 17 counties and who attend schools that do not have a local science fair or academic fair, may send their entry application packages directly to the Southwest Ohio Science Day registrar.

They must, however, include a copy of their complete research report. We pre-judge the written research report of all projects that have not been judged superior at a school science fair or academic fair held within the district. We may require proof of residency and age if necessary.

Students who will reach age 21 on or before the event date are not eligible to participate.

Project Ideas

Project ideas include, but are not limited to: behavioral science, biochemistry, botany, chemistry, computer science, earth/space sciences, engineering, environmental science, mathematics, medicine and health, microbiology, physics, and zoology.

Registration Forms

Below you will find links to any/all necessary forms, which vary from project to project.

The first two forms listed below (bulleted) must be printed off and filled out. The remaining forms below can be filled out electronically, then printed for parent/teacher signatures.

Note: If students are on a team, each member needs a separate form.

     • Ohio Academy of Science District Science Day Registration Form
     • Registration Form for Teachers

Ohio Academy of Science Consent and Release Agreement Form
Form 1: Checklist for Adult Sponsors / Safety Assessment Form
Form 1a: Checklist for Student / Research Plan
Form 1b: Approval Form
Form 1c: Regulated Research Institutional / Industrial Setting Form
Form 2: Qualified Scientist Form
Form 3: Risk Assessment Form
Form 4: Human Subject and Informed Consent Form
Form 4a: Sample Informed Consent Statement
Form 5a&b: Vertebrate Animal Forms
Form 6a: Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Form
Form 6b: Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form
Form 7: Continuation Projects Form

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