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Careers in Sport Management

The Wilmington Sport Management major prepares students for careers in wellness and in other sports related fields. The program also prepares students for graduate study.

"My time at Wilmington College definitely prepared me for a job in the sport management industry.  What I learned, experienced, and practiced while at Wilmington has been an immeasurable asset in my current job."Bethany Okran, Cincinnati Sports Mall

"Wilmington College was a great experience.  The small classrooms and student/teacher ratio allowed me to develop my communication skills much greater than attending a larger university."   Nick Nicastro, Cincinnati Bengals

"For anyone interested in a career in sports, I would recommend a small school like Wilmington.  The only way to learn anything is to do it, and you definitely get hands on experience at Wilmington."  Amy Ashbrock, LEJ Sports, Sports Agents

"Classes such as Personal Selling and Facility Management have made my jump from college student to Sport Management professional much easier." Kevin Duplaga, Portland Trailblazers