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Welcome to Kappa Delta Sorority...

The purpose of Kappa Delta Sorority is to promote true friendship among the college girls of our country by inculcating into their hearts and lives those principles of truth, of honor, of duty, without which there can be no true friendship.”

Vision- Kappa Delta Sorority is committed to providing opportunities and experiences that inspire women to greatness.
Open Motto- Ta Kala Diokomen Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.



 Brittany Carpenter, Betsie Sweet, Amanda Biedka, Chelsea Marrow, Caitlin Baker, Abbie Camp, Taylor Buchannan, Stephanie Weddle, Amy Peace, Mel Jets, Lindsay Buttler, Paige Earley, Amanda Wilson, Emily Zimmerman, Katie Milbower, Rachel Wasson, Mercedes Norris, Airel Auel, Bethany Johnson, Megan Higgins, Tiffany Cerana, Amy-Renee Stevens, Katelyn Massie, Nicole Cain, Jessica Lowry, Lucy Stults, Caitlin Yauch, Emily Donaldson, Margret McCoy, Kayla Walker, Kristen Bingley

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Kappa Delta Sorority

1870 Quaker Way
Wilmington, OH 45177