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ProjectTRUSTProject TRUST for Middle School Students

This program breaks down the barriers that exist between clique groups in school communities. The core of this program is a two and one half day retreat. Opinion leaders from various clique groups are placed in family groups with students with whom they would never affiliate. Trained adult counselors are assigned to family groups. Team building, problem solving, and attention to the effects of "put downs" are all part of the experience.

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Peer MediationPeer Mediation Training

Experienced Wilmington College peer mediation training teams work with high school and middle school students, training them to be peer mediators. Twenty-four hours of training ensures the effectiveness of the training program.

In addition, our teams can provide problem- solving peer mediation training to businesses, churches, governments and non-profits organizations.

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Positive DisciplinePositive Discipline Training for Classroom Teachers

This program provides teachers with the tools to create caring, non-coercive, non-punitive classroom environments. This type of problem solving approach has been shown to promote high academic achievement.

The Peace Resource Center has trained over 800 educators, principals, and support staff and 21 school systems in Positive Discipline.

Worshop Trainers:

Sonya Zumbiel, M.Ed., Instructor, Education Department, Antioch-McGregor University, taught in the Norwood City Schools and Sycamore Community Schools.  She is a Positive Discipline trainer, incorporating the philosophy into her classroom practice.  Sonya has led hundreds of workshops on Positive Discipline in the region.

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