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Mediation is a voluntary, formal process of dispute resolution conducted by a third-party — the Mediator. The Mediator does not take sides in the dispute and does not have the authority to impose a decision upon the disputants. The Mediator guides the disputants through a discussion of their problem, the issues that need to be resolved, and alternative solutions for the resolution of the dispute. It is not the goal to judge guilt or innocence. A successful mediation should produce generally satisfied individuals. Mediation can not handle every kind of dispute. And, not every mediation leads to a resolution. Successful mediation is almost always based on the willingness of the parties to work at the process with the Mediator.

Mediation is fundamentally a peace-making process which is congruent with the mission of Wilmington College. Mediators in the Wilmington College Mediation Program are all trained volunteers who have been invited to participate. Each has completed a course of training conducted by experienced professionals. Training is conducted through the Center for Dispute Resolution, Capital University Law and Graduate Center, Columbus, Ohio. Skills are enhanced periodically to ensure high quality service.

Contact info:

Wilmington College main number: (937) 382-6661
Campus Minister
Dan Kasztelan, ext. 239