Residence Facilities

All Residence Facilities are non-air conditioned, but have laundry rooms and lounge spaces as well as vending machines. Most rooms are set up traditionally with two (2) beds. Each room is furnished with desks or study tables, chairs, beds, dressers, and closets. Each floor has a communal bathroom.

Denver Hall

Opened in 1924 and houses approximately 50 residents. It offers a full kitchen and TV lounhge. Denver is located on the North side of campus. The entire facility is Wi-Fi accessible.

Bailey Hall

Completed in 1909 as the original science building, Bailey houses approximately 46 residents and has a kitchen sink and microwave in the lounge. The first floor lobby is Wi-Fi Accessible.

Friends Hall

Built in 1955, Friends houses approximately 95 residents. Friends common area offers a stove top, microwave, sink and vending machines. There is also one air conditioned lounge on the main floor. The first floor lobby is Wi-Fi accessible.

Marble Hall

Started in 1948 by students, faculty, staff, community members, and Friends. Marble houses approximately 70 residents and has a large kitchen and TV lounge. The first floor lobby is Wi-Fi accessible.

Austin/Pickett Hall

Austin and Pickett hall are the newest of our Residence Halls and are on the South side of Campus. Austin houses approximately 128 residents and Picket houses approximately 218 residents. Austin and Pickett Halls share a lobby on the first floor corridor with a microwave and a TV lounge on the second floor. Both lobbies are Wi-Fi accessbile.


Campus Village

Opened in 1998, unique facility features air conditioned apartment-style living for 96 residents. Each apartment has four private bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a common kitchen & living room, and is equipped with a washer and dryer.