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The WC/Mount Carmel Program

Wilmington College and Mount Carmel College of Nursing have developed a joint program for students who wish to complete a Bachelor of Sicence in Nursing degree and become registered nurses. In this program students complete a set of courses at Wilmington College's campus in Wilmington and then are evaluated for transfer to Mount Carmel. Admission of up to eight qualified Wilmington students per year into Mount Carmel's Advanced Placement Program is guaranteed. At Wilmington, students take basic science and general education courses (see list below). After transferring to Mount Carmel, students complete the more applied requirements of the Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing curriculum and graduate from Mount Carmel. To qualify for transfer to Mount Carmel students must recieve no grade lower than “C” in any required course and maintain an overall GPA of 3.00. Mount Carmel's Advanced Placement Program begins in May and is five semesters in length. Please see the Mount Carmel website for full details of the Mount Carmel portion of the program.

In addition to the required courses listed below, students enrolling in the program are expected to take a course in Mathematics and Wilmington College’s First Year Experience Seminar. Taking these two courses will allow students who change their minds and decide to stay at Wilmington to move more easily into a standard Wilmington College major. 

Other Possibilities

Another route from Wilmington College to a nursing career is to complete a Wilmington College degree and then progress to an Accelerated Nursing Training Program. These programs accept students who have Bachelor's degrees in areas other than nursing and train them to be nurses. Some of these programs award a second Bachelor's degree to their graduates, others award Master's degrees. The Health Science Concentration of the Biology Major would provide ideal preparation for an accelerated nursing program.

Two examples of accelerated nursing programs can be found at the links below:

Required Courses for the WC/Mount Carmel Program

  • BI131   Human Nutrition
  • BI231   Biological Sciences I
  • BI232   Biological Sciences II
  • BI343   Microbiology and Immunology
  • EN101  Writing II
  • HS344  Human Anatomy
  • HS345  Human Physiology
  • GL125  First Year Experience Seminar
  • PY130  Inroduction to Psychology
  • PY231  Developmental Psychology
  • RP230  Comparative Religions
  • SSY130  Inroduction to Sociology
  • MTH Course to be determined by placement
  • ECO334  Business Statistics I -OR- MT131 Statistics I
  • BI352  Bioethics -OR- RP239 Values and Ethics
  • Elective course in Art, Humanities or Social Science