Economics Prof Has Article, 'Bridges Beyond Calculation,' Published Internationally

Bridge-Builder Is a Publication of the Paris-Based Common Good Forum

January 3, 2014

Steve Szeghi, professor of economics

Steve Szeghi, professor of economics

Wilmington College's Steve Szeghi wrote in the December issue of Bridge Builder that, "at the core of standard economic theory, is the assumption of self-interest, of rational decision making."

However, he asserts this is not reality. "People are more complex. From this false premise standard economics has unwittingly poured a foundation from which a cultural cult of 'greed is good' has risen, which harms both the individual and society. It hampers bridge building to others, to society, and the common good. Bridge Building is only possible beyond utilitarian calculation."

This excerpt is from an article he wrote titled "Bridges Beyond Calculation" for the International magazine, Bridge-Builder, a publication of the Common Good Forum, Paris, France, Szeghi, who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati, is a professor of economics at WC.

"Economics assumes self-interest and thus explains Mother Teresa and Donald Trump," he said. "Mother Teresa derived utility from serving the poor. Donald Trump derives utility from more hotels. Both are rational. Both are self-interested."

The entire article can be seen at in the December Bridge-Builder.