Previous Westheimer Peace Symposia

Each year, the Westheimer Peace Symposium endeavors to shed light on the practice of peacemaking in such a way that enlightens, invigorates, and challenges the Wilmington College community.  Overall themes for the symposium rotate between Peace and Nonviolence, Peace and Social Justice, Peace and the Changing Nature of War, and Peace and the Environment.

Previous Speakers, 1991- 2013




Africa's Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Nonviolent Solutions


Film Showing (Tuesday night)

Chris Abani

"Blood Diamond"

Stories of Struggle, Stories of Hope: Art, Politics, and Human Rights


Eden Grace and Diane Randall

Preventing Election Violence in Kenya


Wilmington College Chorale

Film Showing


"Blood in the Mobile"


Lisa Shannon

A Thousand Sisters: My Journey Into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman



Changing Nature of War

Veterans Speak: Reality on the Ground


Film Showing (Tuesday night)

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis

"Why We Fight"

National Defense and the Cost of War: Some Bills Aren't Paid in Dollars


Matt Southworth, Jose Velasquez, and Sabrina Waller

Three Lives, Three Stories, One Common Experience


Wilmington College Chorale

Film Showing

The Light Within: Singing Swords into Plowshares

"The Tillman Story"


Karl Marlantes

Combat and the Spiritual




WaterCARE: Conservation, Access, Responsibility, Equality


Charles Fishman

The New Age of Water: Re-Imagining How We Use Water and How We Think About It


Aaron Wolf

Healing the Enlightenment Rift: Rationality, Spirituality, and Shared Waters


Wilmington College Chorale

Film Showing

Water Song



Chad Pregracke

Helping to Clean America's Rivers



Social Justice

Blueprint for Justice: Breaking Bondage, Building Lives


Jean Robert Cadet

Hope for Haiti


Thomas A. Dutton, Gregg Pieples, and Mike Rogers

Changes from Within: Over-the-Rhine Community Housing


Wilmington College Chorale

Film Showing

How Can We Keep from Singing

"Born Into Brothels: The Children of Calcutta's Red Light District"


Zana Briski

Born Into Brothels



Changing Nature of War

From Resistance to Redemption: Rhythms of Hope


Holly Near

The Power of Song


Amy Horowitz

Zehava Ben: Singing Across Irresolvable Geographies and Counter Constituencies


Wilmington College Chorale

Song: The Bridge to Understanding, Reach Across the Lines


Emmanuel Jal

War Child: A Story of Survival




Faith as a tool for a nonviolent world


Matthew Kelly

The Violence We Commit Against Ourselves… and How it Impacts Every Aspect of Our Lives and World


Stephen Prothero

Religious Literacy: WhatEvery Asmerican Needs to Know- and Doesn’t


Wilmington College Chorale

Many Widows, One Light


Panel Discussion: Shakila Ahmad, Ari Plost, and David Zarembka

Putting Faith into Nonviolent Action






The Environment, Peace, and You: The Promise of a Sustainable World


Jonny Dubowsky

Peace and the Environment


Elizabeth Royte

Garbage Land


Kartar Khalsa

The Story of Peace Cereal: From Personal Practice to Force for Peace


Tim Flannery

The Weather Makers: How Man is Changing the Climate and What it Means for Life on Earth



Social Justice

Coloring Outside the Lines: Moving Beyond Borders


Richard Rodriguez

Eating a Burrito


Therese Zink

Exploring Outside the Comfort Zone


Bobbie Gottschalk

Maine Seeds of Peace – The Way Life Should Be


Stephen Bloom

Is Postville a Metaphor for America?





Nature of War

Our Challenge: Transcending the War Within


John Crawford

The Last True Story I’ll Ever Tell 


Anne Welsh

Because the Fire Still Burns: Norman R. Morrison and the Vietnam War 


J Kadir Cannon

Who’s Telling Our Story? A Narrative Performance with Words and Images 


Chris Hedges

War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning: The Truth About War 






Constructing Peace: Voices of Hope


Sarah Chayes

Justice Against Warlordism: Working to Rebuild Afghanistan after the Taliban


Alicia Partnoy

The Survivor’s Voice: A “Dangerous” Tool for Justice and Peace


Gene Stoltzfus

The Story of World Wide Nonviolent Peacemaking


MUSE and Drums For Peace

Music of Peace, Music of Hope





The Environment

Pollution, Politics, and Peace


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

Water: Its Social, Political, and Ecological Impact


Sr. Paula Gonzalez

Toward a Sustainable Future


Florence Fulk

EPA: The Agency, The Public, and The Science


Ka Hsaw Wa

Earth Rights: Accountability for Human Rights and Environmental Abuse


Social Justice

Stolen Childhood: Restoring Hope


Jean-Robert Cadet

Restavec Girls: Silence, Submission, Servitude


Lori Heninger

Girls in Armed Groups


Eileen Cooper Reed

The State of Children in America’s Union


Carl Upchurch

How to Reach the Unreachable Child





The Nature of War

War and Media: Rhetoric, Romance, and Reality


Robert Kaplan

The World in 2010


Susan Moeller

A Hierarchy of Innocence


Karl Grossman

Space: A New Arena of War


Bettina Gregory

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Network News






Unlearn Violence: Teach Peace


Deborah Prothrow-Stith

Peace by Piece: The Guide for Preventing Community Violence


Stephen A Schwerner

What Can the Civil Rights Movement Teach Us About the Use of Nonviolence?


John Daniel

Dealing with the Crime of Apartheid: The Truth and Reconciliation Process in South Africa


Alice Ackermann

Preventing Violent Conflicts: Learning from Successful Cases


Betty Williams

Peace in our World is Everybody’s Business



The Environment

Peacing the Earth Together


Jan Schlichtmann

Can There Be Environmental Justice For All?


Robert Bullard

Unequal Protection


Steve Curwood

Social Problems and Pollution


Winona LaDuke

Honor the Earth: Our Native American Legacy








Social Justice

Global Justice: Our Struggle for Human Rights


Harry Wu

Our Struggle


Layli Miller Bashir

The Advancement of Women: A Prerequisite to World Peace


Baldemar Valasquez

Latinos, the Next Civil Rights Movement


Robert Hinshaw

The Waging of War and Peace in Guatemala


Julian Bond

Civil Rights: Then and Now



The Nature of War

The Changing Nature of War: Human Costs and the Price of Peace


George McGovern

The Enemy Within


Elias Chacour

Making Peace in the Holy Land


Timothy Sisk

Peacemaking in Civil War: The Challenge of the Post-Cold War Era


Marjorie Nelson

The Etiology of War


Le Ly Hayslip

East Meets West: Bridging the Gap

1996 Nonviolence Nonviolence in Action


Colman McCarthy

How to Be an Effective Peacemaker


Liam Mahony

The Power of Presence


Steve Pedigo

Nonviolence in Urban Crises


Fran Schmidt

Building a Culture of Peace in the Schools


Marjorie Kerr

Community Aspects of Peacemaking


Randall Robinson

Making a Difference Internationally



The Environment

Preserving the Environment: Building Block or Stumbling Block for Peace


Elise Boulding

Peace Building in Partnership with Nature


Gaylord Nelson

Resource Depletion and Sustainable, Peaceful Development


Ned Bibler & David Borton

Energy: New and Used


Stephen Collett

The Merging of Peace and Environment Issues through the United Nations


Chief Oren Lyons

Seeking a Sensible Relationship



Social Justice

Battles, Bullets, and Bullies: A Survival Guide for the New World Order


Barrie Dunsmore

Where Do We Go From Here?


David Cortright

The Moral Dilemmas of Nonviolent Struggles


Walter Wink

Engaging the Powers: Changing the Spirit of America


Diana and John Lampen

Peace Making Through Community Development


Joyce Davis

Reducing Islamic/Western Tensions


Giandomenico Picco

America’s Role in the Community of Nations




Peaceful Solutions to Violent Problems: New American Agendas


Dr. Robert Henderson

An American Agenda: The Vision of Racial Unity


Daniel J. Porter

Teach for America


Kara Newell

Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor


Jim Hubbard

Shooting Back


Michael Levine

Why We’re Losing the War on Drugs


Dr. Alvin Pouissant

The Future of America’s Children                                       




Turning Swords Into Plowshares


Andrei Kolosovsky

Democracy and Reforms in Russia: World Prospects


David Hackworth

Defending America in the 21st Century and Beyond


Randall Forsberg

Whatever Happened to the Peace Dividend?


Robert Oakley

Arms Control and Conflict Potential in the Near East


Betty Goetz Lall

Eliminating Chemical Weapons World-Wide


Juergen Dedring

Ramsey Clark

The Future Role of the United Nations

The Quest for Peace




A Peaceful World For the Human Family


Dr. Helen Caldicott

War is Obsolete


Edward Snyder

Prospects for the Abolition of War - A Quaker perspective


Tanya Zierman

Building Bridges through Cultural Exchange

  Milan Svec Ethnic Strife in East/Central Europe

Arun Ghandi

The Relevance of Nonviolence in Today’s World