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Peace Partners Game

Peace Partners are kids and adults who try to solve their problems with peace instead of bullying, hitting or yelling. Peace Partners also do not turn away from problems. If they have a problem, they try to solve the problem so everybody can win. If someone else has a problem and needs help, Peace Partners help instead of looking away. Play the game below to see if you have the skills to be a Peace Partner.

Look at the problem and then choose your answer by clicking on A,B,C or D. If you choose the right answer, you know how to be a Peace Partner.

If you chose the wrong answer, you need to learn more skills before you can become a Peace Partner. Explore the site and then try again later.

1) Imagine it is recess. You are bouncing
a ball with your friend but the ball rolls away. You go for the ball but another student takes the ball. He says, “You’ve played with it long enough!  I’m taking it now.”  What do you do next?

  • A) Push your classmate back.  You had the ball first!
  • B) Yell, “Hey, you jerk!  That’s mine!  You’d better give it back, or I’ll get you in trouble.” Keep yelling until the student gives the ball back.
  • C) Run away before the student decides to hit you again. 
  • D) Talk with the student.  Ask the student to join your friends in your game.

    If someone physically pushes you or hurts you at school or any where else, please talk to a teacher or another adult about the problem.

Check back often for new questions.

Be a Peace Reporter!  
When you see a person doing something helpful, nice or peaceful, talk to them and then write a news story.

News stories include the five W ’s and one H.
Where something happened?
When something happened?
Who was involved?
What happened?
Why something happened?

How it happened? This is not always included, so do not worry about this one for your news story.

Your Peace News should include the following:

1) Where - Did the event happen at home, on a playground, in a classroom, or in a grocery store? Describe the place? Can you use the five senses to describe the place? (Sights, sounds, smells, touch and taste)

2) When - Was it morning, afternoon, or evening? Was it dark or light outside? Was it snowing or hot, spring, summer, fall, or winter?

3) What - Describe what you saw and heard. What happened?

4) Who – Who did you see, a teacher, parent, a classmate, a stranger? How old do you think they were? * Only include people’s first names since this will be published on the internet.

5)  Why – Why do you think the event happened? Jealousy, anger, impatience, person didn’t know better…

So you can get credit for your story, please include:
Your name
Your age
What Country and State you live in

E-mail your story to or mail to:

Charlotte Pack
Peace Resource Center
Wilmington College
1870 Quaker Way
Pyle Box 1183
Wilmington, Ohio 45177

Check back often for more activities and games!