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Hi, I am Peter Peace created by Zach Hughes, a freshman at Wilmington College, in 2009. Peace looks different to each person. Explore the art images about peace and then create your own.

Share your pictures, stories and questions about peace with other kids on the World Wide Web. Send them to or mail to:

Charlotte Pack
Peace Resource Center
Wilmington College
1870 Quaker Way
Pyle Box 1183
Wilmington, Ohio 45177


"Peace is holding hands," says 5 year-old Alivia, from Ohio, U.S.A. Birds, clouds, hearts, and people decorate her peace artwork. Great job Alivia! You are the first person to send us artwork. Thank you!







The three drawings below are  courtesy of Children's Peace Drawings Competition of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

Birds and world globes are common themes in peace art.


The most common birds are doves, like the ones above, and cranes, like
the ones to the right.