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First Year Connections


The First-Year Connections program is structured to bridge the learning opportunities in the residence halls with those among the campus community, allowing students to take full advantage of the programs designed to promote a successful transition. As a result, First-Year Connections will be implemented and evaluated on these learning outcomes:

Focus: Students will develop critical thinking skills, time
management, and effective study habits.

Responsibility: Students will gain an understanding of their roles
and responsibilities within a residence hall and understand the
importance of being part of that community.

Integrate: First-year students will gain the knowledge and value of
campus resources, services and opportunities by utilizing them to
aid in a successful transition to the campus community.

ngage: First-year students will engage in their role as
members of the academic community and will have meaningful
involvement with faculty outside the classroom.

urture: Through the Residence Life Staff, Peer Advisors, and
caring faculty, students will have several diverse opportunities to
make strong bonds at WC.

Develop: Students will develop an awareness of self and gain
skills that support their interpersonal growth.

Success: Students will decide on or achieve clarity about career
goals that will better prepare them for making a living, making a
life, and making a difference.

First-year resident students are housed in Austin/Pickett. This allows for a greater sense of bonding with the incoming
class and provides greater opportunities for academic support and