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LIGHT Series Programming

In keeping with Wilmington College’s Quaker Values, the Religious Society of Friends, “Friends” believe that the Inward Light is present as an inward guide: this program encourages thoughtful and conscientious reflection on Wilmington College Core Values and encourages students to live with integrity and a commitment to truth.

LIGHT seminars give first-year students a shared opportunity to make the academic and social transition to WC. Students will receive ongoing guidance from WC faculty and professional staff on incorporating Wilmington College’s Core Values into their daily lives. This is a one-of-a-kind experience!

Each seminar will be centered on one of the six Core Values. Those values include
·         Community
·         Diversity and Respect for all Persons
·         Excellence
·         Integrity
·         Peace and Social Justice
·         Service and Civic Engagement
Examples of Light Series Programs
·         Get Hip, Go Green
·         How to do your OWN laundry
·         Ding and It’s Done - Cooking in a Microwave
·         Financial Responsibility
·         Self Defense
·         History of Wilmington College

Many more to come!

    Pre-Academic Advising

o   Occurs in October before Freshmen Advising begins.
o   This program is presented by the FYCC in collaboration with academic affairs. Pre-Academic Advising is meant to prepare First Year Students for their first time meeting with their Academic Advisor for scheduling their Spring semester.
o   Discussed at this presentation are core requirements, academic standing classifications, financial aid implications and more!

Pre-Room Selection Advising

o   Occurs the week before Spring Break
o   This program is presented by the FYCC in collaboration with the Housing and Residence Life Staff. Room Selection is a process for all students on-campus. First year students do not have a choice as to where they live their first year on campus, as sophomore’s their options are many! Pre-Room Selection Advising will inform Austin-Pickett residents and other First Year college students of these options. Students will come away from this program with the knowledge of the Room Selection process as well as a pretty good idea of where they would like to live in the coming year.
o   Students will also be able to opt into a tour of the available Residence Hall options. A sample room will be shown if available.