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Wilmington College Athletic Training Faculty & Students in Rome, Italy, St. Peter's Basilica
Wilmington College Athletic Training Faculty & Students in Rome, Italy



Who can study abroad?  Students who have earned 30 hours and have a GPA of 3.0 are eligible to apply to the Office of Academic Affairs for approval to study abroad.  Students must complete a study abroad application for WC AND for the host institution/program.

How do I pay for it?  Students who choose to study abroad will be a charges $150 admininstrative fee and will be able to use their Wilmington tuition (minus any institutional financial aid) to pay for approved study abroad or experience.

Will I need a passport?  Yes, all students interested in studying abroad should get a passport.  Plan ahead - obtaining a passport can take several months. Place internet link for passport instructions here. 

Do I have to go away for a whole semester?  Only if you want to!  There are several different options including courses on Wilmington's campus that include an international study trip during spring break or in January or May.

How can I get more information about study abroad opportunitiesContact Mei Mei Burr, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, in College Hall 202A, or email

Students can enroll in . The cost of the trip varies and is the responsibility of the student. Academic credit is part of the student’s regular tuition cost. Recent trips have included travel to Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico City, Ireland and England, Spain, and Western Europe.

Wilmington College is a member of the Midwest Consortium for Study Abroad which offers semester long international programs in cooperation with AHA International. Semester long programs are also available through agreements with Edge Hill University and University of Reading in England, and Kansai Gaidai University in Japan. Credit earned though any of the above programs is considered residence credit. Wilmington College students must meet certain eligibility requirements to participate. Due to new government regulations, it is strongly recommended that students wishing to study abroad begin the approval process at least one full term prior to the expected date of the experience.

La Paz, Mexico
Wilmington College students may study Spanish in the costal town of La Paz, Mexico. Located in the southern part of the Mexican state of Baja California, La Paz enjoys a perfect climate, beautiful beaches and a safe environment for American students. The school overlooks the Sea of Cortéz and is within walking distance of the downtown. Students live with local Mexican families for a true immersion experience. New classes start every Monday throughout the year and students have the option of staying for as little as a few weeks to as long as a year. Classes are very small (2-6 students) and placement tests are given upon arrival to address students’ particular language needs. For more information contact Dr. Jeffrey Stahley, Associate Professor of Spanish, ext. 245.

Edge Hill University

Edge Hill University, the largest university of higher education in the northern half of Britain (located in Ormskirk) consists of schools of Management and Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, Sport, Sciences and Technology, Teacher Education and Health Studies. A wide variety of courses is available. Education students may complete their student teaching experience at this site.

Kansai Gaidai University Asian Studies Program
Hirakata City, Japan 
The program offers a wide range of courses taught in English including Japanese language courses. Dormitories or Japanese home stays are available. 

I'd like to display my gratitude toward Wilmington College for making my experience studying abroad in Japan possible.  My stay at Kansai Gaidai University has solidified my decision to keep learning Japanese and pursue a teaching position in Japan when I graduate.  I feel my time spent there has done more for my education and future career than anything I have yet done during my time at Wilmington College.  I learned so much about the culture, as well as how to look at issues from an international perspective.  I met people from all around the world who were much like myself, with an interest in living in Japan, and I made lots of friends with whom I still keep in touch! Thank you Wilmington College! - Sara Garrett


University of Reading, England
Contact Marcus Dowse at
This program offers one of the best Agriculture programs in England.

Tecnologico de Monterrey
The Tecnologico de Monterrey is a Mexican private educational institution that was founded in 1943. At the present time it has campuses distributed throughout the country, and academic centers in Mexico and other Latin American countries; it also has international offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. It has courses in both English and Spanish and has a large international student body. The school terms are similar to that of Wilmington College permitting students to take courses in Mexico that transfer back to fulfill requirements in the US while enabling participation in traditional summer jobs or other US holidays.

Visayas State University
The Visayas State University is a leading agricultural university in the Philippines located at the city Baybay, Leyte,Philippines. It specializes in agricultural research and education and also hosts a program on rain-forestation. A hand-on practicum, as well as field training using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, are provided to enrich curricular programs. For more information contact Dr. Al Conklin, Professor of Chemistry and Agriculture, ext. 259.

AHA International
Working in partnership with colleges in the United States, AHA International offers study experiences in a number of locations abroad. Generally you will take classes with a group of up to 25 students from the U.S. Courses that fulfill general education requirements and specialized courses are offered each term. Local field trips are arranged as part of the programs. The programs provide housing in the form of home stays, apartments or other student housing.


I spent my 2009 spring semester studying in Macerata, Italy.  It was by far one of the best experiences I have had.  Not only did I have the first-hand opportunity to learn about life, culture and the people of Italy, I also learned about myself.  I learned how to manage on my own, learned to communicate with others who didn’t speak my language and learned how to handle numerous situations, such as missing my bus back to town.  The friendships I made both with the American students and Italians are priceless and I have continued to keep in touch with those friends.  Now that I am home I think of my experience every day.  Small events in my life will remind me of a memory from my trip to Italy.  The language, scenery and people are some of my most frequent memories as I miss them all very much. Some of the scenes I saw in Italy were the most beautiful I had seen, from the rolling hills to the mountains and surrounding seas.  This experience has been one of the best in my life and I would recommend it for everyone.  Not only does it provide the chance to experience another culture, but it also gives a person the chance to better appreciate their own culture. - Emily Donaldson

AHA programs include:

Australia-Canberra and Perth 
Ireland-Dublin (offered in the summer term)  
Italy-Macerata and Siena                                                                                            
Mexico-Morelia (focus is on Migration Studies)    
New Zealand-Dunedin
Spain-Segovia (All courses are taught in Spanish and two years of Spanish study are required for participation) and Oviedo

Italy Italy
Macerata, Italy Florence, Italy