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Preparation for a Career in
Veterinary Medicine

Wilmington College has an outstanding track record of placing students into colleges of Veterinary Medicine. Admission to any college of Veterinary Medicine is a competitive process and students need to prepare themselves thoroughly for the admissions process.

Wilmington College offers all of the courses necessary for admission to vet school. While not strictly required, almost all successful applicants will have completed a Bachelor's degree before being admitted to vet school. Because of the large amount of overlap between vet school prerequisites and college graduation requirements, most students elect to major in either Biology:Life Sciences or Chemistry.

The list of Wilmington College courses that fulfill the prerequisites for admission to The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine is given below:

Please note that the course numbers and titles listed below reflect the Wilmington Collee curriculum revisions made that will go into place Fall Semester 2013.

Biology 230, Biological Sciences I
Biology 231, Biological Sciences II 
Biology 343, Microbiology and Immunology 
Biology 346, Genetics 
Biology 431, Biochemistry
Chemistry 230, Principles of Chemistry I
Chemistry 231, Principles of Chemistry II
Chemistry 330, Organic Chemistry I
Chemistry 331, Organic Chemistry II
Physics 230, Fundamentals of Physics I
Physics 231, Fundamentals of Physics II
English 101, Writing II 
Math 111, Trigonometry -or- Math 140, Calculus I
14 Semester hours of Humanities or Social Science 
8 Elective hours

Prospective veterinary students must also complete the Graduate Record Examination, work a substantial number of hours with a veterinarian, and secure letters of recommendation from a veterinarian. Wilmington College can help students make these important professional contacts.

Residency requirements for admission to veterinary schools have been relaxed in recent years. You may wish to explore this link for opportunities for veterinary training outside of the state of Ohio. While you are at the site, sign up for their electronic Pre-Vet newsletter!


Veterinarians of Tomorrow is the Pre-Vet Club at Wilmington College. The club's 2008-2009 officers are pictured above.

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