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The Equine Studies minor is offered to students with majors outside of the field of Agriculture. This option, when combined with various majors such as Business Administration, Communication or Education, provides the student with the scientific and technical knowledge, as well as the hands-on practice of horsemanship. With a major in Agriculture and a concentration in Equine Studies, students are prepared for a career in the equine industry in areas such as management, marketing, reproduction, nutrition, sales and instruction. The curriculum is based on a core of Agriculture classes (Ag Technology, Crop & Animal Production, Ag Economics, Animal Nutrition) with further classes in the Equine area (Horsemanship, Anatomy & Conformation, Intro to Equine Studies, Practical Horse Feeding, Health & Diseases, Reproduction & Physiology). Students also can pursue a graduate degree in related scientific fields or apply to veterinary school.


A total of 20 hours is required.

Required courses:
EQ330 Equine Science (4)

Required: 4 hours from the following.

AG132 Principles of Crop and Animal Production I (4)
AG133 Principles of Crop and Animal Production II (4)

Required: 2 hours from the following.
EQ132 Beginner Western Horsemanship (2)
EQ133 Beginner English Equitation (2)

Required: 2 hours from the following.
EQ332 Advanced Western Horsemanship (2)
EQ333 Advanced English Equitation (2)

Required: 8 hours from the following. NOTE: For an agriculture major, 6 of the 8 hours must be EQ.
AG349 Animal Nutrition (4)
AG350 Topics in Agriculture - Animal Science Focus (2)
EQ350 Topics in Equine Studies (2)
EQ470 Internship (1-4)
EQ480 Research Participation – Animal ScienceFocus (1)
EQ485 Equine Studies Practicum (1)