Tuition and Fees

Financial Information

All graduate students attending Wilmington College must pay tuition and applicable fees. These charges are set by the institution and are subject to change without prior notice. Students are responsible for the cost of books, supplies, transportation, and other discretionary items. A full-time load in the graduate program is defined as six credit hours per semester.

Schedule of Graduate Fees - 2013-2014

Tuition: Per Credit Hour - $400 per semester hour
Technology Fee - $ 30 per semester

Please consult the Office of Graduate Studies for further information on billing procedures.

Tuition Refund Policy

The following rules apply to tuition refunds for dropping a class:

  • Drop Period - 100% refund
    (1 class meeting – 1st week of term)
  • After Drop Period to 21 days - 50% refund
    (4 class meetings – 4th week of term)
  • After 21 days - 0% refund

Note: summer terms will be prorated.

Examples of the refund policy are available to all prospective and currently enrolled students by contacting the Office of Student Financial Services.