Atomic Bomb, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and Nuclear War

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City of Silence: Listening to Hiroshima

With the eye of a contemplative, Linner explores some of the lesser-known stories of the atomic bomb and its human legacy. These are stories of suffering, to be sure; but they are also stories of grace, solidarity, and the resilience of the human spirit. The hibakusha survived a devastating experience; in a moment their world was literally, completely destroyed. Their physical sufferings were compounded by isolation, social stigmatization, and fear of the delayed effects of radiation. But with this experience many of them accepted a sense of mission and purpose: to bear witness and to overcome the burdens of bitterness and hate.

$8.00 (Rachelle Linner, Orbis Books, 1995. Hardcover.)

Fallout: An American Nuclear Tragedy

"This well-researched expos� attests to the negligence, ignorance and corruption of authorities, and violation of the Nuclear Test Ban treaty... The Supreme Court's refusal to hear an appeal supports [Fradkin's] contention that the judiciary consistently upheld the government's policy of denial, placing national security above human health." Publishers Weekly

$5.00 (Philip L. Fradkin, University of Arizona Press, 1989. Paperback.)



This booklet was published in English and Spanish to remind the world that "we must fix our eyes on the horror of the effects of the nuclear weapons described in this pamphlet, and do whatever we an to prevent a suicidal nuclear war and realize the total ban of nuclear weapons."

$1.00 (Japan Confederation of A- and H- bomb Sufferers Organizations. Paperback.)




This is a reprint of John Hersey's 1945 classic account of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima as told through the stories of six survivors. Almost four decades after the original publication of the book, Hersey went back to Hiroshima in search of the people whose stories he told. His account of what he discovered about them is now the eloquent final chapter of Hiroshima.

$5.99 (John Hersey, Vintage Books, 1989 edition. Paperback.)


hiroshima calling

Hiroshima Calling

Filled with almost eighty pages of fantastic color photos, often two and three to a page, "this book is my attempt to put a human face on the name Hiroshima... Hiroshima's past is ever present, wtih the result that all photos taken in Hiroshima become symbolic... [This book is] a shout, a plea, a cry to the world, an alarm call for humanity to wake up and learn the lessons from Hiroshima."

$20.00 (Paul Quayle, 1995. Paperback, oversize.)


NEW! Hiroshima Maidens Project: A Triumph for Humanity in the Tragic Aftermath of War

In 1955, a small group of young Japanese women-all victims of the the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima-traveled to America for reconstructive surgery. The endeavor was a cooperative effort between private citizens of Japan and the United States that came to be known as the Hiroshima Maidens Project. The maidens' story is not well known and rarely taught in schools, but it is a slice of history that should not be overlooked. It is a rare example of how human compassion and international cooperation can triumph over the tragic aftermath of nuclear war.

$9.95. (DVD-10 minutes, Produced by Lauren White, 2007, Distributed by the Peace Resource Center.)

Hiroshima in Memoriam and Today: A Testament of Peace for the World

"By telling their tragic stories and sharing their painful memories, the citizens of Hiroshima have helped to ensure that the rest of the world will never forget the immeasurable human cost of warfare in the modern age." Dr. Oscar Arias, Nobel Peace Laureate, 1987; President of Costa Rica, 1986-1990.

$12.00 (Edited by Hitoshi Takayama with the Cooperation of Hiroshima Citizens, Himat Group, 3rd edition, 2000. Paperback.)


In the Sky Over Nagasaki: An A-bomb Reader for Children

This book is the first volume of a series of books written by Japanese teachers for Japanese children to be used for peace education in Nagasaki. As such, it provides an informative account of what happened on the day of the atomic bombing and during the years that followed. It emphasizes the tragedy and horror of war and ordinary peoples' reactions to it. This peace reader is not intended for children to read alone and unguided. It is meant to be used where informed parents or teachers can lead children through the material, discuss ideas with them, answer their questions, and thereby develop their understanding of the realities and challenges of the nuclear age. Living Beneath the Atomic Cloud, for older readers, is the second in the series.

$5.00 (Nagasaki Prefecture Hibakusha Teachers Association, Peace Education Materials Tutorial Committee, translated by Cheryl Green Lammers Translation Collective, Peace Resource Center, 2nd edition, 1983. Paperback.)


Living Beneath the Atomic Cloud: Testimony of the Children of Nagasaki

This book is the second volume of a series used for peace education in Nagasaki. It is intended for older children and youth. In the Sky Over Nagasaki, for younger readers, is the first in the series.

$5.00 (Edited by Takashi Nagai, translated by a volunteer group, compiled by Frank Zenisek, Nagasaki Appeal Committee, 1983. Paperback.)


A Physician's Diary of the Atomic Bombing and Its Aftermath

Dr. Shirabe began this diary on August 9, 1945, to record his experiences in the wake of the atomic bombing that completely destroyed the Medical University. This edition contains reproductions of original drawings included in the diary, and photographs of Nagasaki after the bombing.

FREE, plus S&H (Raisuke Shirabe, MD, translated by Aloysius F. Kuo, MD, edited by Fidelius R. Kuo. Hardback.)




In her novel Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, Eleanor Coerr told the story of Sadako and her grave struggle against leukemia that she developed at age twelve - ten years after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The novel became a classic and gives the hope that Sadako's story will inspire children of all ages. This is a beautifully illustrated version of that same story.

$6.99 (Eleanor Coerr, illustrated by Ed Young, G.P. Putman's Sons, 1993. Paperback, oversize, easy reader.)


Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

This book is based on the true story of Sadako Sasaki, who was two years old when a U.S. atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima. She grew to be a lively, athletic star of her school's running team before becoming gravely ill with leukemia. Recalling a Japanese legend, Sadako began folding paper cranes, believing that if she folded one thousand cranes, the gods would grant her to be healthy again.

$4.99 (Eleanor Coerr. Puffin Books, 1999. Paperback. Chapter book.)


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