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We have many opportunities for students in our major to participate in a variety of specific activities that will allow you to build your resume, develop career opportunities, and have fun.

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Boston University offer a Master's Degree in Social Work.  They offer the following specialities:
School Social Worker Substance Abuse Social Worker AIDS Advocate Medical Social Worker Gerontological Social Worker Private Practitioner Crisis Intervention Specialist Occupational Social Worker Marital and Family Therapist Policy Analyst Community Organizer
and more! For more information visit them on the web at


An internship is an intensive, responsible work experience related to your previous academic studies and your career or general goals. It is also an opportunity to gain practical experience in your major field of study and apply knowledge gained in the classroom. It will also give you a chance to find if a particular field is right for you. It is also a way to earn credits outside of the classroom. Lastly, it is an excellent resume builder and provides an opportunity to make useful contacts in your professional field.

Listed below are internship possibilities for Social Work majors.  To learn more about internships check with Career Services and your faculty advisor.

Internship Opportunities

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF CENTRAL OHIO- David Schirner, Executive Vice President, 1855 E. Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus OH, 43229, 614-839-2447.

The intern will plan and implement a camp program for children ages 6-14, provide supervision for children assigned to your group on a 24,7 basis. Intern wilalso insure safety of all children in care, do a post camp evaluation on children assigned, and assist in making camp a safe and positive experience for all concerned.

CLINTON COUNTY LEADERSHIP- Kathleen Blake, Executive Director, Pyle box 653, Wilmington, OH 45177, 937-382-7120.

Intern will be involved with the newsletter, E-letter, annual campaign, Amazing Race, speakers bureau, Informational campaign events.  Intern will be video and scripting with LC Alumni Shane Rhodehamer, design annual campaign materials and  leadership awareness events, radio interview and email to friends of leadership.

CLINTON COUNTY SERVICES FOR THE HOMELESS - Denise Stryker, Director, 36 Gallup St., Wilmington, OH 45177 (937) 382-6272, Fax 382-5139

Work directly with residents, doing intakes and interviews to see what their immediate needs are and how the shelter can help; help with the day-to-day operation of the shelter during the director’s absence

LEGAL AID SOCIETY – Timothy Juenke, Attorney, 202 West Locust St., Wilmington, OH 45177  800-582-2682

Intern will assist the Legal Aid Office with a variety of duties including conducting client surveys regarding the effectiveness of Legal Aid assistance to clients seeking expungement of a past criminal conviction and client surveys of low income individuals in Clinton, Highland, and Brown Counties regarding access to health insurance programs for low income families and access to substance abuse and mental health treatment.

STAY- Diana Raabe, 9141 Kilby Rd., Harrison Ohio, 45030, 531-367-1441.

Intern will be informed of agency’s background and challenges faced by clients.  Intern also must perform clerical duties related to job, go on at least one home visit with a social worker to client’s home. Intern will also work with GED students or children of clients in a supervised capacity.