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A total of 24 hours is required.

Required courses:
AG130G-NS Fundamental of Horticulture (4)
AG330 Foundations of Soil Science (4)

Required: 4 hours from the following.
AG132 Principles of Crop and Animal Sciences I (4)
AG133 Principles of Crop and Animal Sciences II (4)

Required: 12 hours, including 8 hours at the 300- or 400- level, from the following.
AG350 Topics in Agriculture (must be an approve Sustainability topic) (2)
AG460 Agricultural Policy (2)
AG470 Internship (focus on Sustainability) (1-4)
EC338G-SS Comparative Economic Systems (4)
EN233 Literature of Rural Life and the Environment (4)
PS337G-SS Global Politics of Food (4)
PS348G-SS The Political Economy of Globalization (4)
SY333G-SS Environmental Sociology and Communication (4)
SY335 Rural Sociology (4)
TR330 Study/Service Trip (2,4)