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We are interested in establishing a database of information to be used by students, faculty, alumni, and friends of Wilmington College Agriculture. A major goal is to collect agronomic and livestock data from the Wilmington College Academic Farms that can be used in the classroom as a tool for farm analysis purposes.

Please note that the other links, as seen listed on this site, are in various stages of progress. These links will include information and pictures of hands-on student projects, student lab activities, and a virtual tour of the Academic Farms. These will hopefully be of interest to prospective students, serve as an update to Alumni, and be a source of information for community friends

As you browse this site I would like to solicit your own ideas that you would like to see included! Please contact me at (937) 382-6661 Ext 396, or

Best Regards, Harold Thirey Animal Science Professor Wilmington College




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