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Sport Management

Sport Management is a four-year program of study designed to prepare students for employment in wellness, sport, and sports-related enterprises. Students enrolled in the major focus on business skills such as financial management, marketing, and legal questions associated with the field as well as a solid foundation of philosophy, principles, and objectives of the sport and wellness industry.

The major offers two areas of concentration and requires an internship experience. The internship experience serves to complement the classroom learning and provide valuable on-the-job experience.

Only one concentration may be chosen by those selecting a major in Sport Management. However, choosing a second major in a complimentary field is strongly encouraged.

Dr. Daniel Kelly: Students Building Better Relationships With Their Professors

Dr. Daniel Kelly, Associate Professor, at Wilmington College talks about students building better relationships with their professors.

  1. What advice can you give students trying to prepare themselves for a big exam?

The best advice I give students as they prepare for exams is to “functionally” prepare themselves for the experience. Many sport management students come from a sport background (HS/College). The best way to “functionally” prepare for the exam is similar to practice before a game/match/competition.

The key is visualizing potential questions/scenarios you will face. My best students have been able to focus and envision potential questions they may face on exams. This form of practice/preparation is similar to what many students (possibly former/current athletes) deal with in their everyday lives. This process also alleviates test anxiety because they are mentally prepared for the task at hand.

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Sport Management prepares students for careers in coaching, school administration, and administrative positions in youth agencies, camps, and sports clubs. Some students pursue graduate study in their major area to improve career opportunities.

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