Working on the "Golden Rule"

An update from the VFP Golden Rule Project

January 2, 2012

The Golden Rule Project reports a great deal of progress lately and are moving forward with our restoration. The best news is that our shipwright has finished the last plank, the "Whiskey Plank" on the starboard side. See the lastest photos on our website's "Restoration Photo Gallery". 

All of the planking has been completed, sanding of the hull is progressing, caulking is taking place. We will soon be applying a gleaming new coat of paint. The hull is intact and stronger than original.  We are now planning the interior floor, and preparing to replace deck beams and new deck.  It's an exciting time around the yard these days.  

The team just completed the recovery of gear and equipment from two boats in Leroy Zerlang's Shipyard. Leroy arranged demolition contracts on two boats for parts, equipment, gear, masts, sails, prop, shaft, and a myriad of other valuable material for our own restoration of the Golden Rule ketch. Chuck DeWitt, our restoration coordinator, arranged work crews and volunteers to accomplish stripping these two boats before the demolition and removal.

David Catlett in Georgia shipped us a donation of two usable sails in very fine condition. It is a tremendous gift when supporters are able to help with gear. Thank you, David.

We arranged to purchase 1200 Board Feet of clear Port Orford Cedar hardwood in Oregon. Chuck managed to drive up to Oregon with a truck and trailer and brought home this load. One half of the cost was a donation from the seller. Many thanks here goes to Chuck DeWitt. We believe we have enough wood to finish the boat, lacking only 12 sheets of 1" marine plywood for the new deck.

We also wish to thank Pierson's Building Materials for a donation of 30 sheets of plywood to enclose our temporary building over the Golden Rule. This allows our shipwright, David Peterson, to continue working hard this winter safe from the cold rain and wind this time of year in Humboldt Bay.

Camp Family Foundation Support - We recently received a grant from the family of the late Katherine Camp and we thank Nelson Camp & his family for their support.

The Golden Rule website has been updated recently with new photos. The Facebook page for Golden Rule is also being updated with some new material and photos. Our webmaster, Bill Carr, is super valuable to our team, and we appreciate all his hard work on our website. Please visit our website at: http://www.vfpgoldenruleproject

We are anticipating sailing operations in Humboldt Bay, CA in the summer of 2012. We are still on track to visit San Francisco Bay during the summer of 2013. We intend to be present in San Francisco Bay every day during the America's Cup Yacht Races.    We will be the background story for these races. 

Fredy Champagne, VFP Golden Rule Project
Phone 707.599.5378