Summer 2004 Newsletter

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Constructing Peace: Voices of Hope

The 14th annual Westheimer Peace Symposium will take place on Wednesday, October 20, 2004. Please plan on joining us this October for a day of stimulating and inspiring conversations about peace and nonviolence with people who are "in the field" constructing peace every day. Our speakers this year include:

10:00 to 11:30 a.m. – Keynote Session
Sarah Chayes, former field reporter for National Public Radio. She is currently working with the people of Afghanistan to rebuild their economy and homes after the war.

1:00 to 2:15 p.m. – 1st Afternoon Session
Alicia Partnoy is a survivor of the secret detention camps in Argentina in the 1980s. Through her work as a poet, author, translator, professor, and human rights activist, she speaks out against violence and oppression, and speaks for its victims.

2:30 to 3:45 p.m. – 2nd Afternoon Session
Gene Stoltzfus founded Christian Peacemaker Teams in 1988. He has spent the last 16 years as director, developing strategies and organization for peacemaking in crisis situations around the world.

7:30 to 9:00 p.m. – Evening Concert Session
MUSE Women's Choir, based in Cincinnati, is directed by Wilmington College's own Dr. Catherine Roma. The choir works for peace, social justice, and community-building through song. Drums for Peace expresses and promotes traditions and values of the people of the Americas, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East through music, all while working to encourage peace and understanding.

We will again be holding Direct Dialog Sessions from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. with each of the three speakers. These sessions give you a chance for further informal conversation with the speakers and other audience members.

New this year is a Networking Session, which will be held from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the Peace Resource Center. This is a time for you to meet with other audience members to share information about the interests and goals of your organization, to make contacts, and to learn about the work that others in the area are doing for peace.

For more details and information, please send an e-mail to or call (937) 382-6661 ext. 371.

Ruth's Corner

We've been very busy in the last few months – two ProjectTRUST camps, three education class visits, providing books and resources at the National Conference on Conflict Resolution Education in Columbus, participating in graduation, attending the "Teaching Peace" conference at Bluffton College, hiring and training new staff (more on that later!), four Positive Discipline training sessions, and participating in mediation training at Capital University. Whew! When things get this busy, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, and even a little discouraged – there's so much to do, and so little time to do it! What keeps us going? Notes and e-mails from all of you! Suddenly we're energized and ready to take on the world. That's why we'd like to share a few of those encouraging notes with you.

From an elementary school teacher in Florida who uses the "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes" and "On a Paper Crane" videos every spring with his class: "The kids managed to fold 973 paper cranes for Sadako's statue (I completed the rest), so we are sending 1000 cranes to Japan! Thanks for all the help you are in my attempts at raising the awareness of my students."

From Madeleine Trichel of the Interfaith Center for Peace: "One of the people in your workshop [Positive Discipline Training at the National Conference on Conflict Resolution Education] wrote her Ashland paper about the way you have changed her life – both professionally and personally (with her own children)."

From the Wilmington College VISTA coordinator: "I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with the visiting VISTAs. Many were deeply touched by the experience, and some have shared personal stories since going back to their campuses. Thanks again for sharing your time and knowledge."

From singer/songwriter Paulette Meier, who is involved in peace education efforts: "I just wanted to say again how much I appreciated your amazing efforts this past week in running the bookstore at the conference [National Conference on Conflict Resolution Education]. That was a lot of work and a fair amount of intensity at times, and you seemed to handle it with such grace! But especially I am grateful (and beholding to 'ya!) for subjecting yourself to the incessant playing of my CD!! That was a real "mitzvah" as my Jewish friends say...a good deed. As a result of your doing that, a couple of people I most would have wanted to reach did get a chance to hear the music, and went home to listen more. I'm hoping that as a result, they might help spread the word to others in this field. Thank you, thank you!"

To learn more about this great CD, visit "LessonSongs for Peacemaking."

In Memory of August 6 & 9

The Peace Resource Center has been asked to distribute FREE copies of a new book, A Physician's Diary of the Atomic Bombing and its Aftermath, written by Raisuke Shirabe, MD, translated into English by Aloysius F. Kuo, MD, and edited by Fidelius R. Kuo. Dr. Shirabe began the diary on August 9, 1945, the day that an atomic bomb completely destroyed and burned the buildings of Nagasaki Medical University and killed approximately 900 faculty members, administrative staff and students, and it ends on October 26, 1945, with a clipping of a newspaper article reporting the re-establishment of Nagasaki Medical University. Dr. Shirabe kept the diary in order to record his experiences in the wake of the atomic bombing. The diary was donated by the Shirabe family to Nagasaki University School of Medicine on the occasion of the 50th Memorial Service for Medical University Atomic Bomb Victims held on August 9, 1995. The hardcover book contains reproductions of original drawings included in the diary, and photographs of Nagasaki after the bombing. To receive a copy, contact the PRC ( or 937/382-6661 ext. 371). A $5 donation to cover shipping & handling is suggested.

Positive Discipline Update

A note from Sue Ellen Hodgson, our new Positive Discipline Training Program Coordinator:

I've enjoyed my first month in the Peace Resource Center and learning about Positive Discipline. This program will really make a difference in the lives of our children and our community. While most of my work is behind the scenes organizing the workshops, I've had the opportunity to observe the teachers in attendance and see their enthusiasm grow as the training progresses. I'm so pleased that the Ohio Children's Foundation and Wilmington College are supporting this effort and I'm excited to be a part of it.


26 February 2004 through 30 June 2004

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William Warters, Campus Conflict Resolution Resources

A Special Thank You to the Supporters of the
1st Annual Carl D. Feesh Day 5K Fundraising Race

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Jean Tipton, Licensed Massage Therapist -- Wilmington Savings Bank -- CW Zumbiel Co.

Book of the Month Club

Each month, we will spotlight a book available from our bookstore. Purchase the book in that month, and you will receive a 25% discount!

JULY Peace Education Ian Harris and Mary Lee Morrison (McFarland & Co., 2nd edition, 2003, paperback) This book begins with a discussion of the concepts of peace and peace education, then considers religious and historical concepts of war, peace and peace education, describes how peace education can move people to work for social change and look for alternatives to violence, and discusses ways to begin implementing peace education in schools, churches and other community settings such as youth groups. Regularly $39.95. Purchase this book in July and pay only $29.96!

AUGUST Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes Eleanor Coerr (Putnam and Puffin Books, 1999, paperback) This book is based on the true story of Sadako Sasaki, who was two years old when the atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima. She grew to be a lively, athletic star of her school's running team before becoming gravely ill with leukemia. Recalling a Japanese legend, Sadako began folding paper cranes, believing that if she folded one thousand cranes, the gods would grant her wish to be healthy again. Regularly $4.99. Purchase this book in August and pay only $3.74!

SEPTEMBER Talk it Out: Conflict Resolution in the Elementary Classroom Barbara Porro (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 1996, paperback, oversize) Designed for busy teachers, this book focuses on resolving real-life problems that occur in most classrooms with practical tips, lesson plans, step-by-step scripts, and other materials that will be useful in introducing conflict resolution skills and helping students internalize them. Regularly $22.95. Purchase this book in September and pay only $17.21!

OCTOBER The Riverkeepers: Two Activists Fight to Reclaim Our Environment as a Basic Human Right John Cronin and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., with a foreword by former Vice President Al Gore (Touchstone, 1999, paperback) An impassioned firsthand account of two advocates who have taken on powerful corporate and government polluters to win back the Hudson River, this book also tells us how we too can fight for our fundamental right to enjoy our invaluable natural resources. Regularly $14.00. Purchase this book in October and pay only $10.50!

Shipping & handling fees will vary. 7% sales tax for OH residents.
To place an order, or for more information, please contact the PRC.

New from the PRC Bookstore

We have a newly expanded selection of conflict resolution, peace education, and mediation titles requested by speakers at the National Conference on Conflict Resolution Education. If you would like a copy of this listing, or an updated book catalog, please contact the PRC!

Peace Related Web Sites

Peace is Possible Look behind the scenes into how people with new ideas and new working methods have found new forms of getting their way with governments. This book shows how people are changing history and are becoming "the new international superpower." Thirty-one prominent peacemakers were invited by the editor, Fredrik S. Heffermehl, to tell about their personal experiences. These stories are being offered to read, in whole or in part, and to order online, as book or in electronic form (options vary, depending on the language), with Chinese as the latest of 12 languages.

Resources From Other Places

Colombia in Crisis Resource Series This series of three six-page booklets focuses on US foreign policy toward Colombia, Colombian churches, and promoting alternatives to violence, displacement, and impoverishment. From Church World Service. (800) 297-1516.

Corporate Governance and Democracy from American Friends Service Committee A variety of books, booklets, videos, posters, articles, and bumper stickers is available. (330) 253-7151.

Education for Conflict Resolution, Inc. provides a variety of workshops and publications on mediation programs and communication skills.

Global AIDS: Facing the Crisis A six-page fact sheet on the AIDS pandemic. The global AIDS crisis undermines the social and economic fabric of entire nations, especially in Africa. From Church World Service. (800) 297-1516.

The Hiroshima Panorama Project, Photography of October, 1945 Out of print since 1975, through special arrangement with the original publisher in Japan, the three photo-panoramas of the destroyed city of Hiroshima are available again. This is a not-for-profit project created for education about the effects of nuclear war.

If Only Today You Knew – The Things That Make for Peace Two publications by the Institute for Peace & Justice with Pax Christi USA. Excerpts from the Christian Education & Elementary School Kit on Images of Peacemaking and Responding to the Violence of Terrorism & War, and Excerpts from the Christian High School & Youth Group Teachers Resource Manual on Images of Peacemaking and Responding to the Violence of Terrorism & War.

A Practical Guide for Crisis Response in Our Schools conveys critical information to assist schools in responding effectively to "everyday crises" as well as school-based disasters. It is an invaluable resource for administrators, support personnel and faculty.

Say No to New Nukes! Visit the Friends Committee on National Legislation website for information on topics such as new weapons development, threat reduction, nuclear weapons use policy, de-alerting, and weapons testing.

The Truth by Mike Palecek is a vital book on a vital subject: Democracy (of any definition) is threatened in the United States more than any time in her history – not only by the erosive events in domestic and foreign affairs, but also by the inertia in response, or non-response, by a truly frightening number of the American public.

What do you know about HUNGER? This 24-page booklet contains simulations, skits, bulletin inserts, and worship materials that congregations can use to lift up the issue of hunger. From Church World Service. (800) 297-1516.


Creating a Comprehensive School Conflict Management Program sponsored by The Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management and Ohio University, September 18th, 25th, and October 2nd. Learn how to deal with discipline problems in the classroom, use lessons from the 500-page resource guide to meet curriculum and proficiency test goals, and teach collaborative problem solving.

Keep Space for Peace Week September 25 – October 2, 2004, sponsored by the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space and the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom.

The National Youth Court Center, which is funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in collaboration with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is conducting a training seminar designed to help jurisdictions develop and operate effective youth court programs. The seminar, which is designed for educators, juvenile justice system professionals, youth court coordinators, and others interested in establishing or strengthening local youth courts, is scheduled for September 27-29, 2004, in Portland, OR. The application deadlines is August 20, 2004. Early registration is recommended.

Peace Camp: The Stones Will Cry Out 2004 Summer Conference, July 19-24, 2004, Towson University, Maryland. A week of celebration and inspiration with the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America.

School Conflict Management Training Free training for teachers presented by the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management, September 29 and 30, Poland, Ohio.

STONEWALK, July 25 – September 2, 2004. September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows seeks your presence, your participation, and your help for this major summer project. Organizational allies and friends are invited to join family members of 9/11 victims in pulling a memorial stone "to the unknown civilians killed in war" between Boston and New York City, coinciding with the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

2004 Summer Peacebuilding & Development Institute, American University, Washington, D.C. The Peacebuilding and Development Summer Institute provides knowledge, practical experience and skills for practitioners, teachers and students involved in conflict resolution, peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance and development. The Summer Institute will focus on various approaches to mediation, negotiation, facilitation, reconciliation and dialogue, particularly in conflict-torn and developing regions. Participants will explore innovative methods of promoting cultural diversity with respect to public policy, community and religion, war and post-conflict environments, while expanding their knowledge and skills in a participatory and interactive learning environment. Participants in the Summer Institute will be exposed to leading national and international professionals in the fields of public policy, peacebuilding and development.

The staff of the PRC would like to extend a big "Thank You" to the GREAT student workers at Wilmington College's Watson Library! Betse & Josh folded all 2300 copies of the Spring 2004 "News From Peace House." They saved us lots of time and paper cuts!