Religion & Philosophy

The practice of the presence of God is the heart of religious life. Courses in religion at Wilmington College are intended to challenge, promote, and deepen the understanding of God in human experience. To this end courses are offered that introduce students to the Bible, and that explore religious beliefs, behaviors, and practices of the most prevalent religions of the world.

Philosophy is the love of wisdom. Wisdom emerges from clear, logical, and creative thought, and an earnest attempt to understand reality, knowledge, ethical responsibility, and other concerns in our everyday lives. Philosophy attempts to integrate all human thought and experience into a meaningful whole.

Study in Religion and Philosophy can lead to careers in ministry, but most important, the breadth of knowledge, the critical thought skills, and the holistic thinking required in this major are valued in business, law, and other professions.



For more than 130 years, Wilmington College’s beautiful, tree-lined campus has witnessed the successful transformation of men and women into true seekers of knowledge and effective citizens. For them, WC played a key role that has led to rich and fulfilling lives.

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