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Summer Reading Program

2013 Summer Reading:  Lisa Shannon, “A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman”

Lisa Shannon, the first grassroots activist in the US working to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in the Congo, has devoted herself to helping women in the Congo.  One of O Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Women on the Planet, Shannon explores the world’s deadliest war through the intimate lens of friendship, and shares her thoughts on the new politics of do-it-yourself foreign aid: “It’s never too late to change the world – or yourself."

Students will receive a copy of the book during Summer Orientation.  It is expected students will read and think critically about the book and be ready to discuss it during the Fall Orientation program.  Transfer students will also receive a copy of the book during their registration appointment or through the mail.

Additional Resources 

Please check out the following resources to help in your understanding of the selected reading.

1.  Book Trailer

Book Trailer Video  

2.  Congo Fact Sheet


3.  Congo Resources & Helpful Sites


4.  A Thousand Sisters Site & Discussion Guide

Click Link to visit website  

5.  Run for Congo Women

Click Link to visit website  

6.  Follow A Thousand Sisters on Facebook

7.  GRITtv: Lisa Shannon: A Thousand Sisters

GRITtv Video  




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