WC Wellness

Wellness has become an essential aspect to improve the quality of life in our society. College serves as an important lifetime foundation and experience for individuals.

Wellness services and programs offered during the college experience can help create healthy lifelong behaviors including eating well, regular exercise, and emotional and spiritual growth.

Wilmington College believes that every person is first and foremost a spiritual being, that the active pursuit of truth is a life-long vocation, and that the development of a strong, personal moral code is equally as important as the development of intellectual skills and knowledge. Spirit, mind and body make up the three components of a person's essential unity. Each of these is a necessary and eternal part of man. Students are encouraged and expected to develop a high degree of self-discipline and personal restraint and an active moral compass for their lives.


Wilmington College envisions and supports a community of students, faculty and staff engaged in regular and ongoing activities and educational programs promoting health, fitness and wellness for the mind, body and Spirit.


Wilmington College Wellness Program seeks to provide the College community of students, faculty and staff wellness programs and associated activities to educate, promote, develop and enhance healthy life choices, behaviors and activities.

Wellness and Health Promotions Committee (WHPC)

It is the mission of the WHPC to provide the College Community of students, faculty, and staff wellness programs and associated activities to educate, promote, develop, and enhance healthy life choices, behaviors and activities.  WHPC recognizes that individual wellness consists of the essential unity of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Pyle Fitness Center

The Wilmington College Fitness Center is located in Pyle downstairs in The Underground. 

The Fitness Center is open from 7 a.m.-Midnight Monday-Sunday. (Summer and Break hours may vary)

We ask you to please sign-in upon arrival at the counter.  The Fitness Center also has weekly activities scheduled featuring:

Yoga - Monday-Friday at 6:00 PM

All pool and ping pong equipment are located in the Fitness Center.  We ask you to please return any equipment used after you are finished.

For photos of the fitness center please check out our gallery on the side bar to the left.


The Wilmington College Wellness Program covers all aspects of Total Wellness, mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.  Below various links and resources related to Total Wellness.

Student Health 101:

Heart Awareness- 


Wilmington College's H1N1 virus information-

Cancer Awareness-

Smokers Anonymous -

Wilmington College Guest Speaker Dawn Weatherwax's nutrition page- 

The 2013-2014 WHPC consists of:

Executive Board         

Student Director of WHPC--- Lauren Strickland
Public Relations Director--- Lynnea Kraft
Event/Program Coordinator--- Kirstin Woodruff
Faculty Advisor---Jennifer Walker
Late Night at the YMCA and Fitness Center Student Manager--- Spencer Robles
Intermural Student Intern--- Casey Thompson
Director of Wellness--- Bud Lewis
Director of Health Services --- Jill Young
Director of Counseling Services --- Mary Lynn Barber
Members at Large

Faculty/Staff Wellness Representative
AMSA, SMLC and ETC representatives
Intramural director

Director of Greek Life and Wellness Programs
Bud Lewis, ext. 341

Wilmington College Wellness Disclaimer