Cincinnati Branches Academics

Wilmington College Cincinnati Branch is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association and is recognized by the John Templeton Foundation as one of the 135 character-building institutions in the United States.

In addition to professional courses in your major, your education will include a strong liberal arts component designed to enhance your general knowledge and make you a more versatile, valuable employee. Business and industry leaders prefer those who possess a broad education and good communication skills, both of which complement what you learn in your major.

Spring 2013 Accelerated Course Schedule

New Classes begin March 9th

Student Focused

Our students feel that our faculty is one of our greatest strengths. Our faculty consists of full time professors from both the Cincinnati Branch and main campus in Wilmington, as well as professionals from leading businesses in the area. The benefit to you is an education that combines the best of both academic and practical experience.