Staying in Touch

Wilmington's Alumni provide a living link to the College’s rich heritage and legacies, as well as a key to ensuring a bright, prosperous future. As students, they were here when:

  • Twin Ash was a women’s dormitory.
  • The Cove was the student union.
  • Whittier Court was the site of basketball victories.
  • Marble Hall was built by students.
  • They were here when sophomores challenged the freshmen to tug-o-wars over Corn Creek.
  • The College held its first Community Day and held its last May Day.

Their roles when they were students at Wilmington reflect only part of their impact on the institution.

As alumni, their interest in maintaining a close affiliation with their alma mater through such actions as attending College events, as mentors for today’s students and through sharing their resources is a perpetuation of the greatest legacy of all.

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