In the life of every institution, there are defining moments. They do not come often, and if handled incorrectly, they may never come again. This is such a moment for Wilmington. As we approach the 150th anniversary of our founding in 2020, we have the chance to extend our life-changing model of real world learning into a new era.

Just as we ask our students to engage and commit to a different kind of education, we are now asking you, our alumni and friends, to make a new level of commitment to Wilmington to ensure that our distinct brand of hands-on education can not only survive, but thrive in the years to come. With your generous support, we can capitalize on the immense potential of this model and the special students and faculty who embrace it. We are asking you to LEAVE YOUR MARK! 



Components of Leave Your Mark Campaign

The project for the new science and agriculture facility will transform the teaching of math, science and agriculture at Wilmington College. WC is breaking ground in January 2014 for a 13,500-square foot addition to its 34,000 square-foot present facility, which will undergo a complete renovation. Expected completion is August 2015.

A brand-new 41,000 square foot state-of-the-art building will be occupied by Wilmington College, a nationally prominent orthopedic practice, a national owner/operator of outpatient physical therapy clinics and a regional health care provider. The facility will house a 15,000 square foot indoor training facility and a 6,500 square foot new athletic training suite. The athletic training facility will be home to the Wilmington College’s nationally prominent-athletic training program. The location was chosen within the Wilmington community in order to provide patients with a complete care experience. A patient will be able to receive clinical care, imaging services, physical therapy, and sports training, all within this complex.

  • Phase 3: People, Programs, Infastructure (More info coming soon)

We must match the commitment of our staff, faculty, and students with new investments to assure that Wilmington’s innovative and effective approach to education is not handcuffed by a lack of support for growth, and aging and outdated facilities. Wilmington College is envisioning a comprehensive campaign to fund strategic investments in campus facilities as well as student and faculty programs that will create and support the next generation of hands-on learning at Wilmington College.

"Leave Your Mark" Goal Summary