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Instrumentation and Equipment

The Chemistry program at Wilmington College is equipped with a wide array of advanced chemical instrumentation and other laboratory technologies.  Students in our program experience extensive hands-on usage of all of our instrumentation and equipment in coursework and through the capstone research component.  Our highlighted instruments in our Kettering Hall laboratories are pictured below:


Varian/Anasazi EM360L/Eft60 60MHz NMR spectrometer                Thermo GC-MS  (Focus GC / ISQ MS)


         Nicolet iS10 FTIR spectrometer                                                   Nicolet 210 FTIR spectrometer


                                                 Thermo S-Series AA spectrometer


         Shimadzu GC-2014 gas chromatograph                                  Varian 3350 gas chromatograph


        Shimadzu UV-1650PC UV-vis spectrophotometer                   Thermo Helios UV-vis spectrophotometer


     Ocean Optics USB2000+ fiber optic spectrometer               


      Hewlett Packard Series 1100 HPLC                                           

     PalmSens portable electrochemical analyzer