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Welcome to the Wilmington College Honors Program

Greetings! My name is Michael Snarr and I am the director of the Honors Program at Wilmington College. The program offers many opportunities for students to shape who they are and who they want to become.

In the classroom students will address current subjects. Both Global Issues and English 101, taken in their first year, will allow students to engage in challenging conversations and topics to expand the way they think and view issues. These courses will build a strong foundation for students to continue to grow during their journey through college.

Throughout the first year, Honors students are engaged in various service opportunities. Two of the more popular opportunities are Cardboard Village, a simulated homelessness event designed to raise money for the local homeless shelter, and serving food at Your Father’s Kitchen, a local ministry which serves six hot meals per week (You may have seen it featured on the Rachel Ray show last year).

The Honors Program is not only an academically challenging class curriculum, but an opportunity to build a unique, well-rounded resume of service and leadership – with a lot of fun mixed in! Please consider joining us! The first step is to apply for admission, but do so soon. You can apply online at

Follow us and watch for pictures from some of these events on the Admission Facebook Fan Page. I hope you will consider attending Wilmington College and joining the Honors Program. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at or at 937-382-6661, ext. 436.


Michael T. Snarr
Director, Honors Program

Students Lobby in Washington D.C.

"The Lobby trip equips students to become more effective citizens. It shows them the actual process of how lobbying works, to an extent how Congress works and, instead of sitting at home reading the newspaper on watching CNN, students actually get involved in the process of social and political engagement."
- Michael Snarr

"It's a very unique learning experience you can't replicate. You have to go there and feel the action, the joy, and, yes, the nerves that come along with really being a part of your government."
- Megan Canfield

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In the News

Honors Program Class Hears Story of Lincoln and General Hooker | April 4, 2014

Local historian and Abraham Lincoln scholar Gary Kersey spoke of white horses, a young boy fishing in the stormy Potomac and a Civil War general’s clay feet in a presentation to 20 students in Wilmington College’s Honors Program April 2.

Michael Snarr, professor of political science, led the group, which met for dinner at the General Denver and gathers periodically outside the classroom to experience pieces of southwest Ohio’s history, culture or unique experiences.

Kersey, a member of WC’s Class of 1968, spoke of Lincoln’s relationship with Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker, who the president named to command the Union’s Army of the Potomac during the Civil War.

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