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  ****UPDATED 2nd EDITION******

John Woolman: A Nonviolence and Social Change Source Book

      Edited by Sterling P. Olmsted, Mike Heller, and Ruth Olmsted


"This volume is a critial and unprecedented contribution to the study of John Woolman. The editors have brought together well-known and previously unprinted sources, tender letters written between Woolman and his wife, and descriptive accounts about Woolman by his 18th -century contemporaries." -- Michele Lise Tarter, co-editor of Buried Lives: Incarcerated in Early America



                                 Mohandas K. Gandhi:  The Last Eighteen Years

                             Edited by Sterling P. Olmsted, Mike Heller, and Ruth Olmsted



"...With its superbly selected quotes served up in full explanatory material, including explanations of terms unfamiliar to the Western reader, this book imparts a vivid sense of the indefatigable passion that marked the mature years of Gandhi's career."--Micahel Nagler, Pres. of the Metta Center for Nonviolence Education.






 Step By Step, Rust In Peace:  The Quiet Peacemakers of Wilmington College, 1940- 1976

                                                         By Sharon Drees


 The lives of the quiet peacemakers of Wilmington College represent a powerful example of resistance  to war, and their work challenges the notion that violence can ever by justified.




"Step by Step, Rust in Peace:  The Quiet Peacemakers of Wilmington College, 1940-1976" is a meticulously researched, beautifully crafted, and brilliantly argued tribute to Wilmington College's peace activist tradition. Sharon Drees' piece adds new depth and breadth to how we conceptualize peace activists and that tradition in American history. She has helped us all re-remember why this college, its history and its activists  are deserving of our collective respect.  --- Nikki M. Taylor, PHD



To Russia With Love

By Jessica Reynolds-Renshaw

What happens when keeping a promise means risking your life?
What happens when people of good will stand up to their governments?


In 1961, the Reynolds family, armed with love and a promise, boldly sailed the Phoenix on a perilous journey into Soviet waters to protest nuclear weapons tests by Russia.  To Russia with Love is seventeen-year-old Jessica Reynolds' first-hand account showing how ordinary people of good will can make a difference.

"Just as I've shared with the world my own beliefs about the need for international disarmament, Jessica Reynolds shares an account sure to inspire you to action.  The Reynolds family publically and bravely challenged one of humankind's gravest mistakes--the advancement into the nuclear age--and To Russia with Love is a story you'll want to experience for yourself." 

--Dr. Helen Caldicott
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Founding President of Beyond Nuclear
Author of If You Love This Planet

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