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Check out our Friends of Hope Garden- Covered in Snow!

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Wilmington College Grow Food Grow Hope works to increase the access of fresh food for families, promote the benefits of local food production and to raise awareness about self-sustainability in our daily food habits.

We believe that by supporting community and backyard gardening projects, we can create dynamic and self-reliant communities in Southwestern Ohio while providing people with the means they need to live more healthy, productive and meaningful lives.

To meet our goals, we maintain the 40-plot Friends of Hope Community Garden on the Wilmington College campus, provide the means and manpower for families to establish their own backyard garden plots, support school yard garden initiatives, host workshops and work with regional partners to establish new community garden sites.

  For volunteer opportunities, contact Tony Staubach at (937) 382-6661 ext. 321, or stop by the Center for Service and Civic Engagement.

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We are currently preparing for our next garden season beginning in April 2014. Please consider applying!  We are also accepting Mentor Applications.

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