Academics Update

College moves to 4-credit hour courses beginning Fall '13

Students are experiencing wide-ranging changes in their academic curriculum designed to broaden their knowledge and skill sets.
Starting this fall 2013 semester, the College has implemented a four credit hour system and begun a new general education curriculum that utilizes infused skills.

Erika Goodwin, vice president for academic affairs, said these should ultimately make graduates more marketable as they embark upon careers. “These two changes will allow students to take fewer courses during a semester yet go into more depth with each course,” she said, adding that the infused skills (oral communication, information literacy, critical thinking, writing and quantitative skills) are ones that employers report nationally are lacking in recent college graduates. “These ‘soft skills,’ as they are called, are a critical piece to education that our faculty and administration believe are essential — I wholeheartedly agree.”

WC’s required general education curriculum will place a greater focus on global awareness and the first year experience, the latter of which exposes students to success strategies for their transition from high school to college. This year (2013-14) the College also has started new majors in political science and special education, and a sustainability minor.

More than just an education

At Wilmington College, the Academic Programs provide the center for the student experience. Faculty advisors and small class size mean students get immersed in their major and their courses early on. A challenging General Education program that focuses on international study, communication skills, and numeric skills assures that our graduates will function as leaders in their chosen fields. Emphasis on experiential education and service learning develops student capability in their careers and their lives.

In addition to a large variety of excellent academic programs, the college maintains support for students through our Student Resource Center, Career Center, and Watson Library.