Cost of Attending Wilmington College

The cost of attending Wilmington College consists of both Direct and Indirect costs. Direct costs are those costs directly charged by WC (tuition, fees, room, board, etc.). Direct costs will appear on your semester billing statement. Indirect costs are costs you incur when attending college, but are not billed by the college. Examples of these costs are off-campus rent, books, supplies, transportation, and other personal expenses. All Wilmington College Scholarships and Grants are applied to tuition and fees only.

Wilmington College determines your cost of attendance for each academic year (the nine-month period between August and May). The cost of attendance must meet federal guidelines and is based on your enrollment status and an average budget for students with a similar situation, such as dependency status and housing preference.

Costs for the current academic year are noted on the Financial Aid Award Notice. In addition, we recommend you budget $1,500 for books and supplies, $500 to $700 for transportation, and between $600 and $750 for personal expenses each academic year. Keep in mind that the amount you actually spend on indirect costs may differ from the amount used to determine your financial aid award.

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WC Tuition and Fees

Main Campus
Fulltime (12+ Credit hours) 2014-15 2015-16 
  Tuition (Annual) $28,420 $23,800 
  Fees (Annual) RESIDENTIAL STUDENTS *$200 Enrollment and Housing Deposits Excluded $700 $700 
  Fees (Annual) COMMUTER STUDENTS *$100 Enrollment Deposit Excluded $700 $700 
  Standard Room & Board (Annual) $9,392 $9,500 
Direct Annual Costs (Resident Student) $38,512 $34,000 
Direct Annual Costs (Commuter Student) $29,120 $24,500 
Three Quarter Time (9-11 Credit hours)    
  Tuition (Credit Hour) $1,000 $1,000 
  Fees (Credit Hour) $13 $13 
Part-time (1-8 Credit hours)    
  Tuition (Credit Hour) $500 $500 
Graduate Program    
  Tuition (Credit Hour) $400 $400 
  Fees (Semester) $30 $30 
Blue Ash Branch    
  Tuition (Credit Hour) $455 $455 
Cincinnati State Program    
  Tuition (Credit Hour) $290 $290