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A total of 44 hours with grades of "C-" or better is required.

     Required courses:
                TH130               Introduction to Theatre                         (4)          
                TH140               Stage Makeup                                      (2)
                TH231G-FA        Theatre for Social Change*                   (4)
                TH235               Stagecraft                                            (4)
                TH240               Acting                                                  (4)
                TH243               Theatrical Concept                                (2)          
                TH340               Directing I                                            (4)
                TH342G-FA        Theatre History                                     (4)
     Required: 8 hours from the following.
                 EN331              Shakespeare                                         (4)
                TH330G-FA        Dramatic Literature I                              (4)
                TH331G-FA        Dramatic Literature II                             (4)
     Required: 8 hours, including 6 hours at 300- or 400-level, from the following.
                TH185               Applied Theatre Practicum                      (1)
                TH250               Topics in Theatre                                   (2)
                TH335               Lighting Design                                       (4)
                TH336               Scene Design                                         (4)
                TH350               Advanced Topics in Theatre                     (4)
                TH385               Applied Theatre Practicum                       (1)
                TH441               Directing II                                             (4)
                TH495               Capstone Project                                    (4) 



A total of 24 hours with grades of "C-"or better is required.

     Required courses:
                TH130                Introduction to Theatre                            (4)          
                TH235                Stagecraft                                              (4)
                TH240                Acting                                                    (4)
     Required: 12 hours from the following.
                EN331                Shakespeare                                           (4)
                TH330G-FA         Dramatic Literature I                                (4)
                TH331G-FA         Dramatic Literature I          I                     (4)
                TH335                Lighting Design                                        (4)
                TH336                Scene Design                                          (4)
                TH340                Directing I                                               (4)
                TH342 G-FA        Theatre History                                        (4)
                TH350                Advanced Topics in Theatre                      (4)
                TH385                Applied Theatre Practicum                        (1)
                TH441                Directing II                                              (4)
                TH495                Capstone Project                                     (4)